Reap & Sew

Breaking Up the Pavement

26 March
Reap & Sew: Breaking Up the Pavement

It seems to me that time has marched on. That perhaps it's time to acknowledge that there is too much difference between who I was when I began this journal and who I am now.

Time to begin fresh with a new book, so to speak.

Besides, the world is ending soon, so why not? This is the year of the in-between. After this we'll have to have a new fortune-teller prophesy our next brink-of-death date.

Good Intentions: The Road to Hell is Paved
~2001 to 2011~

So, you start a journal one day. A few words to express frustration and find yourself, years later, still tapping out the words that fill your soul. It's nothing short of spectacular.
Here's to hoping that all these moments are properly captured.

“Though my soul may set in darkness, It will rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly To be fearful of the night” - Sarah Williams